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Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions

What is an adverse drug reaction (side effect)?

An adverse drug reaction/side effect is a response to a medicinal product which is noxious and unintended. It can be every symptom or reaction which occurs in connection with the treatment with a drug.

Why should adverse drug reactions be reported?

Not all adverse drug reactions could have been discovered during the clinical studies when placing the drug on the market. Some very rare adverse drug reactions can be recognized only based on a treatment over a longer period or on the widely used treatment of many patients. As well possible reactions to medication errors like over dosage or possible interactions with other drugs or food supplements can be recognized only after the commercialization of the drug. If you report adverse drug reaction or suspected cases, you will support the high safety standard of axunio’s drugs. It is fundamentally important to continuously collecting and evaluating adverse reactions to guarantee safe treatment and take appropriate actions for our patients’ protection.

Please report as much relevant information as possible about the suspected adverse drug reaction. Please use the following form.

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    What kind of adverse drug reaction has been observed?*

    If known, it is helpful to describe the onset and the period of adverse drug reaction, any given treatment and the outcome of reaction. If possible please provide relevant medical history, including allergies, other drugs taken in the last 3 months prior to the reaction, including over-the-counter (OTC) and herbal medicines as well as relevant test results.*

    Name of suspected drug?

    Please provide the name of suspected drug(s) as well as route of administration, daily dose, dose frequency and the dates of administration.*

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